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Origin : Viet Nam
Code : ABL150
Guarantee : 1 Year
Price : Call
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- Bison Lifter ABL150 is designed to clamp and move the stone slabs with wide range of different thicknesses namely from ³⁄₁₆” (5mm) to 5 ⅞” (150 mm). It shall be used by combining with a crane (or forklift truck) to clamp, to lift, and to transport stone slabs.

- The 3960 lbs (1800kg) work load capacity helps expanding the working versatility of the lifter. It is suitable for both natural and artificial stones.

- The construction is mainly aluminum, so it is sturdy, lightweight, and durable in harsh environment and at even strong impact. The gripping force is evenly distributed to the surface of the stone slabs by the clamping system installed on the lifting pin with 3 rollers. The two clamp plates are covered by rubber pads to protect the stone slabs during operations and transportation.

- Bison Lifter shall be hooked to the specialized swivel shackle which makes a stone slab possible to rotate 360o easily.

- The lifter shall ensure the safety for users and increase the productivity as well.