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Origin : Vietnam
Code : AQVL200
Guarantee : 1 year
Price : Call
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Ausavina Qli Vacuum Lifter (AQVL200) is a powerful tool for transporting stone slabs. It is usually combined with a hoist to lift stone slabs onto a working table or to move it within a warehouse or a workshop.                               

Strengths of Ausavina Qli Vacuum Lifter

- The most prominent feature of this AQVL200 is to take advantage of the compressed air availability in the workshop to create suction force to lift stone slabs. The vacuum force is maintained stably to hold the stone slab securely, avoid falling off during operation.

- The suction cups are made of soft rubber material which enhances the adhesion between the stone slab and suction cups. Rubber material also prevent scratches to the stone slab.

- During operation, the suction cup frame can be tilted from 0˚ to 90˚ in vertical position, so it is more flexible at work and increases safety and efficiency.

- Suction cups’ position can be adjusted to suit different slab sizes.

- With simple design, each component of the lifter is designed separately for easier transportation, packaging and maintenance.


Specifications of Ausavina Qli Vacuum Lifter

- The main construction is made of steel.

- Basic parts include Frame, Suction cups, Pneumatic cylinder mechanism, Control system, and more.