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A Smart Forklift Boom collaborated with the lifter equipment in transporting and storing stone slabs easily.
A forklift boom with a high workload limit and maximized length to unload heavy goods easily.  
A super Container Loader combines with a forklift truck to easily unload goods from the container.
Designed for use on forklift trucks. Ausavina Forklift Boom version B offers versatility with maximum visibility for the operator.
Solid Articulated Crane helps move and load materials with safety and sturdiness.  
Advanced Container Bundle Slab Load-Unloader Pro minimizes container loading and unloading product effort.  
Forklift Extension helps to extend the length of the forklift fork and maximize the versatility of work to handle heavy goods easily.  
A forklift truck attachment with an adjustable lifting angle for convenient lifting and unloading of goods from containers.  
A great forklift boom with flexible length adjustment to suit different loads when lifting and maneuvering heavy-duty stone slabs.
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