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Smart vacuum lifter to move the glass sheet conveniently
A vacuum lifter is useful for lifting and moving various material slabs.
Ausavina Vacuum Lifter is a unique device to move large-sized material sheets effortlessly and effectively.  
The vacuum lifter was created to make your work more effective when lifting and moving large material sheets.   
A powerful tool for providing a safe and efficient way to lift and move heavy material slabs with the benefits you need.  
The vacuum lifter lifts and moves heavy material slabs securely and effectively - an ideal tool for any slab installation project.
The Electric Vacuum Lifter is a compact and efficient tool designed to make lifting slab surface material secure.
A vacuum lifter can make lifting heavy material slabs easily.  
An ideal tool to help you lift, move and install large materials sheets. Big workload limit with 6 suctions cups equipped to operate safely.  
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