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Easy to transport large-sized stone slabs with Ausavina Forklift Power Vacuum Lifter.
A great lifter helps to lift and move large stone slabs safely and easily.  
A great tool that helps to lift and move non-porous materials via a hand pump or compressed air easily.  
The Electric Vacuum Lifter is a compact and efficient tool designed to make lifting slab surface material secure.
Our lifter can increase productivity and efficiency at work and ensure the employees’ safety when moving large stone slabs.
A stone vacuum lifter helps lift and move stone slabs safely with a flexible tilt from 0 to 90 degrees.
A great tool for handling large stone slabs in warehouses.   
A great lifting tool to lift and move smooth-surface large slabs easily in a safe manner.   
A powerful tool for transporting stone slabs safely with less effort  
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