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An ideal tool helps to raise slabs for installation or load and unload slabs from the truck easily.
A tool helps to lift and transport materials to the destination place quickly and safely.  
A supper Dolly for transporting stone slabs, especially moving over uneven surfaces.
A high-quality dolly helps to transport slabs in warehouses safely and conveniently.  
 A high-quality buggy provides extra functions to transport and store slabs in warehouses.  
A Slab Dolly for smooth transporting over uneven surfaces with 2 solid rubber tires and 2 swivel casters.
An effective tool support for lifting and moving large slabs easily and economically in any working place.
Loading and storing the facile materials will not be a problem with the Ausavina Flat Stacking Cart.  
Modern Nesting Cart handles heavy slabs and optimizes space in small warehouses.  
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