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Optimizing workspace in storing slabs effectively with Ausavia Qli Bundle Slab Rack  
Maximize the space in your work site by neatly storing materials with our high-quality product.
A great slab rack with high working load and flexibility for slab storage.
Ausavina Qli Rhino Slab Rack is a necessary tool to keep your warehouse neat and clean with slabs stored.
A high-quality rack to store remnant slabs in your working area cleanly and safely.
Designed to store and display stone slabs or bundle slabs within warehouses, factories, and construction sites.  
An unique and high-protection design to store stone slabs saving your warehouse space.    
Ideal slab rack for storing bundles or numerous slabs with high working load.  
An updated version of Slab Racks help to load more large stone slabs to save your workspace.
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